All donations must be in good condition, wanted items, safe and suitable for smaller homes and units as most of our clients are in social housing.

Note: most of the people we support are younger and prefer contemporary style furniture & appliances so we don’t accept antique style items, frilled or patterned sofas or ‘grandma’s decor’ as we can’t rehome it, sorry.

RIMERN believes that if something is not good enough for you/us it’s not good enough for our clients.

We don’t give charity, at the very least we provide dignity and at best we provide joy.

Items Accepted by RIMERN include the following:

  • Smaller Household Furniture (in good condition please – not torn, worn or dirty): Lounge Suites (sofas <2.1m wide, no recliners thanks), Dining Tables and Chairs (min. setting for 2, max. seating for 6), Bedroom furniture (bedside tables, chests of drawers).
  • Single arm chairs subject to stock levels & current demand.
  • Whitegoods, Fridges, washing machines, dryers (clean, rust free & in good working order please).
  • Electrical Appliances (clean & in working order) – Microwaves, flat screen TVs with remote, toasters, kettles, rice & slow cookers, stick blenders, sandwich presses, lamps, heaters, fans, irons, hair dryers etc. All electrical appliances will be tested and tagged by us in accordance with Australian Standards. Those with cords that are frayed, torn or damaged are not acceptable.
  • Single, Double & QS Beds that are not stained or soiled, inner spring mattresses (Not King Size or King Single), bedding/ linen, blankets and pillows (in good clean condition). Please note we don’t rehome bases that need assembly, only inner spring bases please.
  • Household utensils – plain coloured crockery, sets of cutlery and cooking equipment. No cups & saucers or stemmed glassware thanks.

We are also grateful for donations of new doonas, pillows, towels, bathmats & tea towels as secondhand ones are seldom good quality or good enough to donate.

Items NOT accepted by RIMERN include:

  • Baby Goods – cots, prams and car seats (please try Kilda Mums or Big Group Hug)
  • TV Hutches, glass door units particularly modular buffet units, study or office desks and furniture, computer desks, dressing tables.
  • Any cabinets, buffet units or We cannot accept any furniture with glass doors or shelves.
  • Non-essential electrical items such as bread & pasta makers/ coffee machines, VCRs, record players
  • Computers/ typewriters/ photocopiers/ printers I scanners/ non digital TV’s
  • Old style wire base beds, heavy timber beds including bunks, king sized beds (including singles) or hospital – type beds. Non-spring mattresses.
  • Futon chairs/ beds, chaise, modular or corner couches, couches wider than 1m, with sagging springs, uncomfortable or too large to move easily.
  • Dining chairs not in sets of 2 or more and/or considered worn
  • Exercise equipment/Medical or mobility aids (please contact RAMP Rotary Aiding Mobility Program at for these)
  • BBQ, Outdoor furniture, Garage/Trash & Treasure leftovers, clothes, shoes, toys,

RIMERN and its drivers reserve the right to decline items considered unsuitable for our needs as they cost us money to dispose of.

Please note, our collection team are not permitted to carry goods down stairs & prefer that goods are outside for collection. If you don’t have a lift please ensure donated goods are on the ground floor for collection.

To offer donated goods, please email

Please include your name, the address for collection, contact phone number, the date they must be removed by (if applicable), list of items and pictures of the larger items.

Thank you for your valued support.